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Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold Bullion

Why Guy Gold Bullion?

Why should I buy gold? This is a legitimate question, especially now with so many different financial gurus shouting from the roof tops. We shouldn't be caught up in the hype, yet we should be aware of the real benefits that are currently driving the gold market in this day and age.  First, in times of economic uncertainty and instability, buying gold is the most sensible option  especially when one considers gold's long term purchasing power as compared to the dollar. And now while confidence in the banking system and worldwide economy is at an all-time low, gold bullion is the ultimate insurance and, given its ability to maintain a high value, should be viewed as an essential part of everybody’s investment portfolio. While gold can provide a stabilizing element in one's portfolio, the fact that this precious metal is in greater demand than ever makes this an interesting and exciting time to buy up gold..

The Ultimate Insurance

Owning gold bullion in many ways is probably the best insurance you can get for turbulent times. Every generation, everyone eventually asks the age old question: where is my money really safe? More people than ever have been choosing the oldest answer to this questions: GOLD With the UK and partner economies in a state of transition, gold offers about as much certainty as you can get. Financial advisers tend to agree that gold and bullion in particular offers the ultimate insurance against economic instability and unrest because gold bullion, unlike other investment options, always holds a value. If follows then, that gold bullion is an effective way of hedging against other investments as its value tends to be particularly resilient when other investments such as stocks and property are under-performing .

Why Buy Gold? The Ultimate Insurance

Furthermore, gold bullion can also be used effectively to insure you against other economic issues such as inflation and deflation, interest rates, stock market jitters and currency problems. Of great significance is the fact that,  as a highly precious metal, gold's worth is recognized globally, and is considered highly valuable no matter which country you are in. To nail this case closed, it is worth mentioning that gold is relatively convenient: gold bars and gold coins can be taken with you easily, wherever you go.
Keeping the above points in mind, it is often said that there is never a bad time to buy gold. It is a physical asset that is both timeless and impervious to the kinds of devaluation that occurs in governments backed currencies such as US dollars, Euro's or Yen. Unlike Fiat currencies gold and gold bullion cannot be devalued in the way money can be by the government simply deciding to print more money through Quantitative Easing. Even in the worst case and we hope, unlikely, scenario that the banking system should face collapse and paper money lose all its value, gold bullion, and especially small units of gold such as gold coins and small bars, could be used to get yourself out of trouble.

Secure Your Wealth

As the public's confidence in the economy and the banking systems continue to reach new lows, an increasing number of people are searching for alternative methods of protecting their wealth. Most perceive Gold as offering a long-term safe haven suitable to protect and preserve the value of their wealth, and this perception is correct, as gold will always hold a significant value no matter what happens in the markets. The wisdom of the wealthy says that investing in gold should be treated mainly as a low-risk security asset to safeguard the future of both yourself and your family.
The unpredictable nature of the UK economy and the Eurozone suggests further long-term strength and likely rises in the global gold price; however these potential profits should be viewed as a side bonus and should never be the main reason for investing in gold. Basically, buying and holding gold bullion should be viewed a as a non-speculative, but secure method of safeguarding your wealth for the long term. Moreover, owning gold bullion offers a unique and interesting element to what should be a diversified investment portfolio.  This will allow you to distribue the risk from the uncertainty of other investments such as stocks and shares, property, and currencies, which may be under-performing.

To Manage Part of Your Wealth

The hard truth about wealth and currency is this: If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it; and, if you don't own it you cannot truly control it. Physically owning your own stock of physical gold gives you the best control over your wealth. Unlike trusting third parties such as fund managers, or even leaving it in the bank, holding your gold bullion/coins at home or in a safety deposit box gives you actual control and responsibility over your own future assets rather than relying on and trusting others.
This control can only be achieved through owning physical gold bars and not via paper gold or electronic gold (ETFs). The control even extends to choosing how, where and when to release the value of part or all of the value of your investment with hundreds of bullion dealers willing to buy your gold instantly over the telephone. Investors can realise the value of the gold in just a few minutes and get a bank transfer or instant cash payment onsite the very same day.  Now if keeping physical gold at home or in a saftey deposit box isn't convenient the next best thing is buy gold from a certified gold holder such as bullion vault or goldmoney, not only are these companies insured, but they actually allow you to buy gold which is stored in their vaults which you can take home any time.  

Gold Performance – Where Next for Gold?

The price of gold began a steep rise in August 3 month gold price chart2007.  In the wake of the banking crisis gold peaked in 2011 as people scramble to secure their assets, following this, the gold price entered a bear market that  started to break. It then more than doubled in value in the three years following. However after finding a bottom at the end of 2015, the gold price soared in 2016, climbed on amidst economic and political uncertainty surrounding such events as the Brexit and the elections Donald Trump. The gold price tends to rise as investors in other markets get gold feet over significant world events. What makes holding gold so exciting is the big question: what will happen next? Despite historical data indicating that this precious metal has repeatedly out-performed other major investment options in the past year, we can never be certain how trends will continue. Ultimately every investor must conduct his or her own research and buy gold primarily as a safeguard for the future, and only secondly as a profitable investment. If your market research is sound and leads to a reasonable belief that the current economic issues will continue for some time, then the gold price is likely to remain high and continue to rise.
For live up to date gold price charts click here.
Demand for Gold is WorldwideDemand is another important factor when looking at the advantages of owning gold bullion. At this point in the world’s gold reserves lower than ever and general demand for gold many countries is at an all time high.  It is with this in mind that leads many experts predict that this yellow metal will remain a highly valuable asset in the coming years. Furthermore, the World Gold Council in the Third Quarter of 2015 had shown an all-time record demand for gold bullion as investors were looking to preserve wealth, diversify their portfolios and seek strong returns.  This trend is continuing stronger than ever in 2018 and we can expect this trend to continue on ward.
As the worldwide market for jewelry has been limited and the high tech sector static, gold investment has filled the vacuum as shown by it's growing demand in both China and India. In China gold bullion bar and coin ownership has increased by 69.5% within 12 months, yielding an estimated 528 tonnes now in private vaults, making China the largest gold purchasing nation to date.  This is followed by India which showed a 34% increase  bring private gold ownership to over 409 tonnes.
European countries are also worth noting as Germany, Switzerland, Turkey and France have  experienced an unparalleled rise in consumer demand. France and Turkey in particular have seen the largest growth in demand with gold bar and coin purchases surpassing 1,600% and 80%.  Nevertheless, Germany's 31% increase gold ownership makes them Europe's largest gold-owning nation with a whopping 154.2 tonnes.  Clearly worldwide demand for gold is there for the taking and now is the time to start buying while there are many great and exciting ways to buy physical gold bullion vault is probably the safest and easiest way to start by clicking here


We are essentially experiencing a modern gold rush as more people and organizations are realizing the timeless power of gold.  Both private individuals as well as Central Banks in many of the world's most powerful economies are now buying unprecedented amounts of this yellow metal, which now begs the question: Is this not the best time to purchase gold?Buy Gold - Buy Gold SovereignsMany people think they aren't well off enough to buy gold, but now there are secure investment platforms where you can invest as little as $30 in this precious metal at spot prices. Unlike the in the past, anyone can buy and invest in gold now, and it can even be done online.
In countries like Germany, India and Russia, economic collapse exists in living memory, and because of this buying and owning gold has become a very common way for their citizens to protect and preserve their wealth.
The rule of thumb is that everybody should own between 5% and 10% of their liquid wealth in gold bars and / or coins.  This is relevant for modestly wealthy people with some savings or for multi-millionaires.  Either way, it makes a great addition to your investment portfolio and provides the ultimate insurance against economic instability.

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold Bullion

Why Guy Gold Bullion? Why should I buy gold? This is a legitimate question, especially now with so many different financial gurus shout...